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About Us

Nataly Florez, Dolcelly Sweets Owner and Baker

Step into a world of sugary wonders at Dolcelly Sweets – your ultimate playground for homemade delights in League City and Friendswood! Crafted with love by the baking extraordinaire Nataly Florez-Gonzalez during her MBA escapades at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, Dolcelly Sweets promises a taste adventure like no other.
Get ready to be dazzled by our lineup of treats – from jaw-dropping novelty cakes to surprise-packed cupcakes and Chunky cookies that'll have you doing the happy dance.
But here's the twist – at Dolcelly Sweets, you're not just a customer; you're the director of your dessert destiny! Dive into our menu, featuring goodies that are not just delicious but uniquely YOU. We'll sketch out your dream cake, cookies, or chocolate-covered delights, and the best part? You're the artist with the power to tweak until it's just right.
Indulge your sweet tooth, make every celebration a flavor fiesta, and let Dolcelly Sweets be your partner in all things fun and delicious! Explore our menu, because your sweet escape starts here. 🍬🎂✨

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